Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Summary of Qualifications

Years of experience with a diverse background in computer science ranging from avionic and client/server systems to product applications, databases, and web development. Proven abilities in training/development, quality assurance, and strategic planning. Client-focused with strong relationship building and customer service/support skills.

Job Title Positions Held

Mar 2006 to Present/IT Consultant

LexisNexis a division of Reed Elsevier, Miamisburg, OH

May 2003 – Mar 2006/Web Developer
Dec 2000 – May 2003/Product Manager
May 1999 – Dec 2000/Technical Support Representative/Senior Consultant
Jul 1996 – May 1999/Technical Support Representative

Defense Electronics Supply Center, Kettering, OH

Aug 1994 – Jul 1996/Computer Specialist
Jan 1993 - Aug 1994/Automated Information Systems Specialist
Nov 1987 – Jan 1993/Electronic Technician
Sep 1981 – Nov 1987/Electronic Equipment Specialist

United States Air Force

Jan 1974 – Sep 1981/Avionic Navigations/Communications Systems Specialist


Participated in moving hard copy contracts and technical data utilized for identifying electronic items in for testing by the Defense Electronics Supply Center Test Lab into a computer process. Prior to implementation of the computer program all hard copy contracts had to be reviewed and screened for testing and associated technical data had to be ordered. Upon implementation of the computer program efficiency was increased dramatically since the information could be sorted and reviewed via computer instead of having to sift through hard copy contracts.

Built a test bench mockup for testing of individual components of an airborne weather radar system manufactured by Bendix. Prior to the test bench mockup, fully serviceable components were being taken to Bendix for repair when nothing was wrong with them, costing bench and evaluation time to be charged back to the Air Force.

Participated in the modification of an avionic system aboard a KC-135 Tanker that was utilized to test the airflow around a B1 bomber via spraying water in front of the B1 during flight. The avionic system was modified from standard configuration to allow close proximity rendezvous of the KC-135 Tanker in front of the B1 Bomber.

Communication Skills

Oral: Communicated via telephone with employees of:

* Fortune 500 companies and Law firms to provide business-to-business premium-level support and consultation in resolving technical issues related to LexisNexis proprietary software and web site.

*all branches of the military services and federal agencies when discussing standardization of electronic devices utilized in the federal supply system.

*Defense Electronics Supply Center in support of computer workstations and servers in order to assist in resolving problems with software and/or hardware.

Written: Communicated via letters and/or email with:

*faculty and students to provide assistance with resolving technical and functional issues related to LexisNexis Web Courses, an online course management software.

*all branches of the military services and federal agencies during standardization of electronic devices utilized in the federal supply system.

*created Product Requirements, Developmental/Design, Testing, and Training Documents.

Proven Abilities And Results

Avionic Systems: Attained seven skill level in Air Force Specialty Code 328X0 and 328X1, Avionic Communications and Navigation Systems Specialist while in the Air Force. Authorized to ground and unground aircraft based on avionic systems operational readiness. Performed support and maintenance on over 33 aircraft systems on over 17 different types of aircraft. Maintenance included but was not limited to aligning, troubleshooting, and modifying aircraft and aircraft systems while assigned to the 4950th Test Wing at Wright Patterson Air Force Base and the 437th Military Airlift Wing at Charleston Air Force Base. Kept associated Technical Orders and Manuals for shop and aircraft maintenance up to date by inserting update changes and Time Compliance Technical Orders (TCTOs). Interpreted Aircraft and system wiring diagrams and schematic diagrams down to individual circuits during maintenance and troubleshooting process. Recommended modifications and updates when necessary to ensure safety and compliance with applicable Air Force regulations and Standard Operating Procedures. Performed Quality Assurance checks of work completed by others to ensure compliance with Air Force Technical Orders, Manuals, Checklists and Safety Regulations. Utilized Illustrated Parts Breakdown Manuals when ordering replacement parts to repair equipment.

Product Management: As a Product Manager provided support for electronic web course services for the LexisNexis law school market. Facilitated transition to LexisNexis Web Courses powered by Blackboard from Virtual Classroom powered by Web Course in a Box.

Project Management: As Department of Defense Electronic Item Standardization Project Manager correlated technical data on specific electrical and electronic parts and/or components. Compiled suggested standardization listings of electronic parts and coordinated approval via formal letters to each branch of the military services and civil agencies.

Problem Solving/Analysis: As a Product Manager provided support for electronic web course services for the LexisNexis law school market. Monitored, evaluated, and resolved customer reported problems.

Database Experience: Created, modified, updated schemas, report forms, performed data integrity checks, created/modified stored procedures and processed reports in Oracle, UNIX, Microsoft Access, SQL 2000 and dBase II, III, and IV database formats.

Network/System Administration: Performed Network/System Administration on IBM-36, MicroVAX VMS, Pathworks, Sun PC-NFS, UNIX, LINUX, Novell and Windows operating systems.

Software: Experience with Windows operating systems from version 3.0 all the way up to Windows XP SP2 operating system. Utilized and installed software applications ranging from Harvard Graphics up to and including Macromedia and Microsoft software.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Commercial Drivers License

I hold a commercial drivers license (CDL) class A with a Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) endorsement. I am licensed to drive a semi truck pulling up to three trailers across the North American Continent. I have driven a semi tractor trailer in all but seven states and into Canada. To learn more about this adventure please visit my trucking blog.